Did Tom Cruise really leave his daughter Suri because of Scientology?

Reports Claim Religion Played a Role in Actor's Distance from His Daughter

Story Highlights
  • Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes divorced in 2012.
  • There are reports that Tom's involvement with Scientology played a role in the split.
  • Some people believe that Scientology discourages Tom from having a close relationship with Suri because she is not a member.
  • Tom Cruise has never publicly commented on why he doesn't see Suri.
  • The truth about Tom and Suri's relationship is likely complex.

Ugh, the whole Tom Cruise and Suri drama is a total bummer, like a dysfunctional family straight out of a soap opera, but without the constant filming (well, at least mostly).

Tom and actress Katie Holmes were married briefly and had Suri together. But things went downhill after their split in 2012. Whispers spread that Tom’s involvement with Scientology, a religious group that raises eyebrows, played a major role in the breakup.

There have been reports that Tom hasn’t laid eyes on Suri in years, and some people blame Scientology. They say the religion discourages strong bonds with outsiders, which could be why Tom is so distant.


Now, Tom has never spoken publicly about why he doesn’t see Suri, and there could be other reasons entirely. But the whole Scientology thing definitely throws gasoline on the fire. It’s a complicated mess, and the real story is probably somewhere between “Scientology is wicked” and “There’s more to the story than we know.” The bottom line: it’s a truly unfortunate situation for Suri.

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