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Josh Lucas on Yellowstone Finale: More Flashbacks, Spinoff Talks

Josh Lucas Teases Expanded Final Season for Yellowstone and Potential Spinoff

Josh Lucas, who portrays a younger John Dutton in flashbacks on the hit show Yellowstone, offered some intriguing details about the upcoming final season.

In a recent interview, Lucas revealed that series creator Taylor Sheridan hinted at a longer-than-expected conclusion. Lucas stated, “[I] texted [Sheridan] a couple months ago, and his response was, ‘Absolutely, we’re going to finish this with 10 episodes or so.’” This suggests a potentially supersized final chapter compared to the originally reported six episodes. Lucas expressed his excitement, saying, “I know as much as you do, but I think we got 10 episodes to kind of wrap it up and I can’t wait to go do it.”


The interview also sparked discussions about a potential prequel focusing on Lucas’ younger Dutton. When asked about the possibility, Lucas enthusiastically responded, “Man, from your lips to God’s ears. I would love it. I mean, obviously I love the world Taylor has created. I love seeing the generational aspect, the time aspect, obviously the 1800s on. So yeah, I would be there in a second.”

Fans can look forward to the final episodes of Yellowstone premiering in late 2024, with the possibility of seeing more of John Dutton’s past through flashbacks or even a dedicated prequel series.

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