Plus-Sized Model Shuts Down Trolls Attacking Her Bikini pics: “Look Away if You Don’t Like It”

Confidence queen! Model shuts down trolls attacking her bikini pics with the perfect response, Sparks Debate on Health and Happiness

Abby Bible, a plus-sized influencer, is making waves by embracing her size 22 figure and rocking bikinis with unapologetic confidence. Despite criticism from online trolls, Bible champions self-love and body positivity, inspiring her followers to do the same.

Breaking Free from Beauty Standards


Bible’s journey to self-acceptance wasn’t easy. Throughout her teen years, she internalized unrealistic media portrayals of femininity, leading to struggles with self-esteem. However, she’s on a mission to break free from those limitations.

“I’ve slowly freed myself from these toxic thoughts,” Bible says, explaining her past experiences on social media.

“Look Away” – A Message of Self-Assurance

Bible doesn’t shy away from negativity. In a recent TikTok video, she sported a red string bikini, shutting down a troll who commented, “fat people shouldn’t wear string bikinis.” With a playful attitude, she mouthed, “I don’t care,” sending a powerful message of self-assurance.

Her fans echoed the sentiment, showering her with praise. “You look amazing, wish I had body confidence too,” commented one follower, reflecting the impact Bible has on others.


The Health Debate

However, the conversation around body positivity isn’t without nuance. While Bible advocates for self-love at any size, some express concern about the potential health risks associated with obesity.

“I am a full believer in embracing inner beauty…but promoting a body composition with very serious health risks isn’t the answer,” commented one netizen. This raises a crucial point – striking a balance between self-acceptance and healthy living.

Happiness and Open Dialogue

Ultimately, Bible emphasizes happiness and self-worth. “Just because you’re thin, doesn’t mean you’re better than me,” she asserts.

Her story sparks a necessary conversation. Can we promote body positivity while acknowledging health concerns? Perhaps a more open dialogue is needed, one that celebrates self-love while encouraging healthy habits.

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