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Mark Harmon REVEALS Why He Wants To Return To NCIS

Leroy Gibbs is BACK?! Mark Harmon hints at a potential #NCIS return 😱

The man is 6 feet tall, 73 years old, and has silver-white hair. What Hollywood actor comes to mind when you hear these descriptions? Sure, many Hollywood stars could suit this description, but if you love murder mysteries, particularly NCIS, you will immediately know who this is. It probably just sprang into your head: Leroy Gibbs reporting for duty.

Mark Harmon, or Leroy Gibbs, however you know him, it is clear that we have associated that one face with one of our favorite characters in the NCIS franchise. But, as much as we adore our favorite Gibbs, we were disappointed to learn that he would leave the program at the end of the 19th season. So, what precisely was the reason for his exit from the show?

Before we get into the specifics of his departure from the show, let’s learn more about the leading man who played Leroy Gibbs.


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