Jewel Opens Up About Kevin Costner Romance: “I’m Just Happy”

Singer breaks silence on rumored relationship with actor after his recent divorce.

Singer-songwriter Jewel recently sat down with People magazine for a revealing interview, delving into the personal choices and challenges that have shaped her life and career.

Divorce and Choosing Motherhood

Jewel opened up about the difficult decision to end her marriage with rodeo star Ty Murray in 2014, emphasizing the emotional toll it took. The couple shares a son, Kase, and Jewel made the conscious choice to step back from her career for seven years to focus on raising him.


“The divorce was not easy,” she confessed. “Choosing not to work for seven years was not easy. Choosing to build something more than music was not easy… Divorces… you have a lot of pain, and it’s hard.”

Keeping Her Personal Life Private

Even during a past relationship with actor Sean Penn in the mid-90s, Jewel intentionally kept her personal life under wraps. Despite the potential for publicity that could have boosted her debut album, “Pieces of You,” she remained fiercely private.

“Even when I dated Sean very early on, nobody knew I was dating him,” she explained. “I was just very proud.”

Addressing the Kevin Costner Rumors

Kevin Costner and Jewel cozy up.

Jewel firmly dismissed recent rumors linking her romantically with actor Kevin Costner, making it clear that her happiness doesn’t depend on any man.

“I found love, and I’m not talking about with Kevin,” she stated. “I am so happy, irrelevant of a man. It has nothing to do with being in a relationship or not.”

The duo were in the British Virgin Islands for the singer’s tennis foundation.

Jewel’s Message of Empowerment

The interview paints a picture of a woman who has made difficult choices, prioritized her family, and ultimately found happiness on her own terms. Jewel’s openness about her experiences is sure to resonate with fans and anyone navigating the complexities of life and love.

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