SpaceX Releases Epic Clip of Powerful Starship Launch

SpaceX recently released a thrilling video showcasing the third Starship flight test (IFT-3) that took place last month. The clip condenses the action into a few minutes, offering a spectacular view of the massive spacecraft and its Super Heavy booster.

We witness the launch from Starbase, Texas, as Starship and Super Heavy ascend together before separating and making their individual returns to Earth. This is a must-see for anyone fascinated by space exploration.

The next Starship test flight, IFT-4, is expected to happen sometime in May or June.


Wikipedia / SpaceX Starship integrated flight test 3

SpaceX Starship integrated flight test 3 (IFT-3) was the third integrated flight test of the SpaceX Starship launch vehicle. SpaceX performed the flight test on March 14, 2024.

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