Ron Howard Tears Up as Mom Lands Acting Role After Raising the Family

Hollywood Royalty Raised Right: The Howard Brothers and Their Supportive Parents

Ron Howard, a household name in Hollywood, started young. But unlike many child actors, he had a normal childhood thanks to his parents’ dedication.

Rance and Jean Speegle Howard, both actors themselves, met at university and pursued their passion together in a touring theater company. They prioritized family, with Jean leaving acting to raise Ron and Clint. Rance managed their careers, ensuring they had a normal life despite their fame.

The Howard brothers’ upbringing was grounded. They lived on their father’s income, not their own earnings. Their parents refused a clothing line deal to avoid exploiting their children’s celebrity. Rance even intervened when older actors used inappropriate language around young Ron.


Today, Ron is a respected director and Clint a successful actor. They credit their mental well-being to their parents’ protection. Jean even made a successful acting comeback later in life, with Ron directing her in Apollo 13.

The brothers, having lost both parents, wrote a book, “The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family,” to honor their memories and find closure. Clint, who struggled with grief, found solace in the project.

The Howard brothers are testaments to the power of supportive parents. Their story reminds us that success can coexist with a normal childhood.

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