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Virgin River Season 6 Cast Shakeup: 1 Character Recasting, Many Stars Set to Return!

Virgin River Season 6: Reboots and Romance on the Horizon

With season five finally complete, hearts are aflutter for what comes next. Here’s a scoop on the upcoming season:

A Fresh Face Joins the Cast: Get ready for a new addition! While details are under wraps, one character will be played by a new actor in season six.


Familiar Faces Return: Fan favorites are rumored to be back for more small-town drama. Expect to see the core cast reprise their roles, bringing the love triangles, heartwarming moments, and scenic views of Virgin River back to life.

A Time Jump Awaits: The wait for season six might come with a jump in the show’s timeline. This could be a way to address lingering cliffhangers and propel the characters into new chapters.

Love is in the Air: After the emotional rollercoaster of season five, season six might offer a lighter tone. Producer hints suggest a focus on the romantic entanglements that have kept viewers glued to the screen.

Patience is a Virtue: While filming has begun, Netflix estimates a 2025 release date. Stay tuned for more updates as production progresses!

Alexandra Breckenridge – RETURNING

Alexandra will be back on the show as Mel.

Martin Henderson – RETURNING


Martin will be back on the show as Jack.

Tim Matheson – Seemingly returning!

Tim is seemingly returning as Doc.

Annette O’Toole – Seemingly Returning!

Annette is seemingly returning as Hope.

Sarah Dugdale – Seemingly returning!

Sarah is seemingly returning as Lizzie.

Zibby Allen – Seemingly returning!

Zibby is seemingly returning as Brie.

Marco Grazzini – Seemingly returning!

Marco is seemingly returning as Mike.

Kai Bradbury – Seemingly returning!

Kai is seemingly returning as Denny.

Mark Ghanimé – Seemingly returning!

Mark is seemingly returning as Cameron.

Jenny Cooper – Seemingly returning!

Jenny Cooper is seemingly returning as Joey Barnes

Lauren Hammersley – Seemingly returning!

Lauren Hammersley is seemingly returning as Charmaine Roberts

Kandyse McClure – Seemingly returning!

Kandyse McClure is seemingly returning as Kaia Bryant

Pony the Puppy – Might be recast!

In the holiday episodes of Virgin River, Jack gifted Mel a puppy named Pony. Originally, showrunner Patrick Sean Smith was thinking they could use the same puppy to portray an older version of Pony, as season six will feature a time jump.

However, with the Hollywood strikes, there was also a big delay in filming…meaning Pony the puppy might not fit the season six time jump after all.

Patrick told TVLine, “I’d always anticipated there would be a time jump after the holidays when we pick up with Season 6, so we were going to have that dog age naturally as we headed back into production. But we didn’t account for the five-month strike. So I don’t know where Pony is now in their maturation. I hope we don’t have to recast, but we might have to.”

Stay tuned as we learn more about season six of Virgin River.

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