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Heartland S18 Returns Fall 2024 to CBC: New Family Drama & Challenges, Netflix US Confirms S16 Release

The beloved family drama returns with ten new episodes filled with heartwarming stories and dramatic twists.

CBC’s hit family drama, Heartland, is saddling up for Season 18, returning this fall with ten all-new, one-hour episodes filled with the heartwarming stories and dramatic twists fans have come to love.

What’s in Store for Season 18:

The Bartlett-Fleming family faces their biggest challenges yet as they navigate an uncertain future for the Heartland ranch.

  • New Rivals & Drought: A neighboring ranch and a devastating drought threaten Heartland’s livelihood, forcing the family to innovate and adapt.
  • Amy’s Crossroads: Amy’s passion for horses remains strong, but a surprising turn of events leads her to a difficult decision that could change everything.
  • Family Feuds & Unity: Lou steps up in the cattle business, sparking conflict with Jack and Tim. However, when push comes to shove, the family’s bond proves unbreakable.
  • True Grit Tested: Season 18 promises a rollercoaster of emotions as the Bartlett-Flemings summon courage, resolve, and resilience to overcome adversity.

‘Heartland’ Season 16 Finally Confirms Netflix US Release Date

Heartland continues to be a fan favorite on Netflix, but viewers in the US often have to wait a long time for the latest seasons to arrive. Good news though, as Netflix has officially announced when Season 16 will be available.

While Netflix US currently has seasons 1-15 available, season 16 is confirmed to arrive on June 1st, 2024.

Here’s a quick rundown of the show’s availability:

  • Netflix US: Seasons 1-15 are currently available, with season 16 coming June 1st, 2024.
  • Netflix International: Seasons 7-16 are available in most regions.
  • Netflix Canada: Heartland is no longer available.

The reason for the delay in the US is due to UPtv and its streaming service holding exclusive first-run distribution rights in the region.

What about season 17? While it’s already airing internationally and on Netflix in some regions, US viewers will have to wait until 2025 due to UPtv’s exclusive rights window.

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  1. who thought it was a good idea to bring queers to Heartland, it’s a shame I really loved the show but now I won’t watch it anymore and I certainly won’t allow my kid’s to watch it

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