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Virgin River: Here’s What Alexandra Breckenridge Thinks Mel and Jack’s Wedding Will Look Like

If they don’t start planning their wedding soon, Virgin River‘s Mel and Jack are going to be engaged for even longer than Charmaine was pregnant. And we’re not even sure numbers go that high.

The Netflix drama’s it couple has been engaged since the end of Season 4, yet we’ve heard nary a peep about their impending nuptials in the 12 episodes since. And while we recognize that they had a lot on their plates in Season 5 — from the town burning down to that tragic miscarriage to the discovery of Mel’s estranged biological father — we’re excited to think that their road to the altar might finally be clear. Or at least the road to the road. As long we make some progress.

And we aren’t the only ones spending way too much of our free time thinking about Mel and Jack’s big day. “I was just talking to our showrunner about this potential wedding,” Alexandra Breckenridge told TVLine last month, specifying that they discussed the pros and cons of “short hair versus long hair.”


Breckenridge, who married musician Casey Hooper in 2015, says that her real-life wedding “looked very similar to what you would think Mel’s wedding would look like.” The couple swapped vows at Colorado’s Dunton Hot Springs, an old mining town that has been refurbished and repurposed as a venue. (Click here for photos.)

Though Breckenridge doesn’t want to feel like she’s recreating her own wedding on screen (“I want to go in the opposite direction”), she has reconciled with the possibility that “it’s going to end up looking very similar.”

Production on Virgin River‘s 10-episode sixth season doesn’t begin until spring, so the specifics of Mel and Jack’s wedding remain a mystery to Breckenridge. (She doesn’t even know for certain that we’ll get to it in Season 6.) Still, there are certain things she says we can probably assume, including that “they’re going to get married on their property … at the new house on the farm.”

As for Breckenridge’s thoughts on our suggestion that Pony the Puppy should be the ring bearer? “Of course!”

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