Android 15 and iOS: More Control Over Bluetooth, But Less?

Android 15 Borrows a Page from iOS Playbook: Turning Off Bluetooth Gets Trickier

Both iOS and Android 15 are making changes to how you manage Bluetooth. While it might seem like they’re restricting user control, there’s a reason behind it.

iOS: A Shortcut, Not a Switch

Turning off Bluetooth in the iOS Control Center only breaks the connection to current devices. Bluetooth functionality itself remains active. To fully disable it, you need to go into settings. Additionally, iOS re-enables Bluetooth after firmware updates, even if it was off before.


Android 15: Auto-On for Find My Device

Android 15 is testing a feature that automatically turns Bluetooth back on after 24 hours of being disabled. This is likely to support Google’s improved “Find My Device” network, which relies on Bluetooth for offline device tracking. However, unlike iOS, users will have the option to pause Bluetooth instead of completely turning it off.

Why the Change?

These changes are driven by the increasing importance of Bluetooth for features like secure pairing, location services, and improved device tracking. By keeping Bluetooth more active, users benefit from a more seamless experience while helping build a robust lost device finding network.

Finding the Balance

The key is striking a balance between user control and enabling these features. The option to pause Bluetooth in Android 15 offers a compromise. It allows users to temporarily disable connections while still keeping the Find My Device network functional.

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