Jpegli: Google’s New Open-Source Tool for Super-Efficient JPEG Compression

Google Unveils Jpegli: Open-Source JPEG Compression with 35% Improvement

Google has released Jpegli, an open-source software that offers a significant improvement in JPEG image compression. Jpegli boasts a 35% reduction in file size compared to existing methods, potentially leading to faster web page loading times.

This innovation achieves high compression without sacrificing image quality. Unlike some past projects, Jpegli seamlessly integrates with current JPEG encoders and decoders. It also supports both 8-bit and optional 10+ bit formats, further minimizing artifacts and image imperfections.

The technology behind Jpegli leverages advancements developed for JPEG XL. These methods enable superior noise reduction and detail preservation, even in significantly smaller file sizes.


Jpegli is available for exploration on Github. While Google hasn’t confirmed integration within their own products yet, Jpegli presents exciting possibilities for web developers and content creators seeking to optimize image delivery.

Bonus clip on middle-out compression:

Photo: Google

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