20-Year Marriage Secret: Husband Divorced Wife After Wedding to ‘Protect Assets’

A 20-year marriage unravels as a woman discovers her husband secretly divorced her shortly after their wedding, allegedly to safeguard his fortune.

A seemingly perfect 20-year marriage between Cristina Carta Villa and Gabriel Villa is shattered by a shocking revelation: Gabriel secretly divorced Cristina just months after their wedding in 1994, allegedly to protect his assets. The couple shared a life of luxury, raising a son and dividing their time between homes in New York and France.

Cristina, now 59, is suing her 90-year-old “husband” to nullify the divorce she was unaware of and to prevent him from selling their shared Manhattan apartment. She claims the divorce, obtained in the Dominican Republic, was fraudulent and never registered in New York.

The shocking discovery came when Cristina received a tax bill for their Manhattan home without her name on it. An investigation revealed Gabriel’s attempt to remove her from the property deed, citing the Dominican Republic divorce as proof she wasn’t an owner.


Cristina believes Gabriel’s motive is greed, accusing him of using the “illegal and fraudulent divorce” to rob her of her rightful share of their assets. She suspects he wants to sell their apartment to his adult daughter, Marina Villa.

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