YouTube Warns OpenAI: Training AI on Our Videos Without Permission Breaches Creator Trust

YouTube Fires Warning Shot at OpenAI Over Unclear AI Training Data

YouTube Clashes with OpenAI Over Creator Rights in AI Training

YouTube CEO Neal Mohan is raising a red flag over OpenAI’s use of YouTube videos to train its new video generation tool, Sora. Mohan argues that scraping videos or transcripts for AI training violates YouTube’s terms and undermines creators’ rights.

Creators expect their work to be respected,” Mohan stated. “Our terms of service clearly prohibit downloading content like transcripts or video clips for training AI models. It’s a fundamental rule for content on our platform.

This clash highlights a growing concern: AI development potentially infringing on creators’ ownership. Notably, Google, YouTube’s parent company, avoids this issue by obtaining permission from creators before using YouTube content to train its own AI models like Gemini.


Mohan’s warning joins a chorus of similar concerns from various platforms where user-generated content is being used to train AI models without proper consent or compensation. The question of how to ethically source training data for AI development remains a thorny issue.

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