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Yellowstone: What Really Happened on the Dutton Ranch?

Love a little behind-the-scenes drama? Well, here are 5 Yellowstone shockers that ultimately killed the show.

The behind-the-scenes drama of a popular show can be just as entertaining as what happens in front of the camera. It can sometimes have a positive impact, with colleagues challenging each other creatively to make something even better. But it can also have the opposite result, causing a show to destroy itself from within.

With the confirmation that Yellowstone ‘s next season will be its last, we went behind the cameras to find out what went wrong. And we found 5 startling surprises.

1. Kevin Costner is Leaving

The first whispers of this possibility were heard back in May, but fans were still hoping it was not true. After all, Costner is the series’ lead and has delivered such a consistently brilliant performance that it seems impossible for anyone else to fill his shoes. But sadly, it has now been confirmed that Costner was not willing to return for a sixth season, as he stated that the show’s producers intended to cut his pay.


Why on earth would they do that, you ask? Well, it seems that tensions were running hot between Costner and series creator Taylor Sheridan, as the former was working on another western and his attention was said to be divided.

2. Taylor Sheridan Sued one of his Stars

If you think this sounds awkward, you’re right! Series creator Sheridan owns a coffee company, as does Cole Hauser, who plays Rip Wheeler. While this may be common knowledge, what you may not know is that Sheridan sued Hauser’s company for trademark infringement. The case was settled, but the damage to Sheridan and Hauser’s working relationship was done.

3. The Great PaleyFest Snub

Conventions and panels are such a rare treat for fans. And ultimately, it is the fans that keep a show on the air. So when the entire main cast decided not to attend a PaleyFest panel in Hollywood in April, more than a few eyebrows were raised. While lesser-known stars from Yellowstone appeared in their place, fans could not help but feel hurt and disappointed.

It didn’t help that Kelly Reilly was the only cast member to even comment on the snub, simply stating on Instagram that she had already told the organizers that she would not be able to attend.

4. Q’orianka Kilcher Charged with Fraud

Fans loved Kilcher and her character Angela Blue Thunder. So imagine their horror when the beloved star was charged with disability fraud. The allegations were that she had injured herself while filming 2019’s Dora and the Lost City of Gold, and was claiming disability benefits under the guise of being unable to work, while still working in Yellowstone.

Kilcher adamantly denied any wrongdoing on her part and the case was eventually dismissed, but it seemed the damage to her reputation had already been done.

5. Luke Grimes Accused of Homophobia

True Blood fans will remember that Grimes played James, a vampire, and then abruptly left the show before the final season when the role was recast. It is rumored that he left the show because his character was headed for a romance with Nelsan Ellis’ character and he did not want to portray someone who was gay.


This accusation sent shockwaves through the case and continues to this day, though Grimes adamantly denies being homophobic. True or not, it has left a dark stain on his reputation.

Do you think Yellowstone could have been saved if not for this behind-the-scenes drama?

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