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Disney Announces Release Dates for The Mandalorian & Grogu, Tron: Ares, Toy Story 5 and Moana!

Disney+ Gets Groovy with "The Mandalorian & Grogu" Release Date!

Disney fans rejoice! Release dates have been revealed for several highly anticipated films, including The Mandalorian & Grogu and Tron: Ares.

The Mandalorian & Grogu reunites us with the beloved duo of Din Djarin and Grogu, following their adventures in the hit TV series The Mandalorian. Directed by Jon Favreau, who also played a key role in the series, the film’s plot remains under wraps. But one thing’s for sure: we can’t wait to find out what awaits them next! Mark your calendars for the premiere on May 22, 2026.

Get ready to return to the Grid in Tron: Ares, the third installment in the Tron franchise. Scheduled for release on October 10, 2025, details about the film are scarce.


Disney also announced release dates for two other sequels: Toy Story 5, hitting theaters on June 19, 2026, and the big-screen adaptation of Moana, which arrives on July 10, 2026.

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