A Look Inside Tom Selleck’s Ranch Retreat: Family, Freedom, and 1,500 Trees

Living the Quiet Life for Over 3 Decades

Tom Selleck is undeniably a beloved actor. Over the years, he’s played many roles and secured a permanent place in the hearts of many Americans.

In his personal life, he thrives on his property, where he’s resided for several decades with his family. Keep reading to learn more about Tom Selleck’s life on his ranch.

For over 30 years, Tom Selleck has embraced a rancher’s lifestyle in California. He shares his ranch with his wife and has mentioned how it helps him maintain his equilibrium.


Born in Detroit in January 1945, the actor entered the entertainment industry in the 1960s, taking on minor television and film roles. It wasn’t until Magnum, PI aired that he achieved true fame and fortune. On the show, Selleck portrayed Hawaii-based investigator Thomas Magnum for eight years. The role even garnered him a Primetime Emmy Award for outstanding lead actor.

Later, the actor played notable roles on programs like The Closer and Friends. He’s also a star on “Blue Bloods,” a show that has been running for 13 seasons and is immensely popular among fans.

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While Selleck has enjoyed considerable stardom, his career could have been even more illustrious. However, the actor prioritizes maintaining a balance in his life and focuses on his personal life as much as his professional life. This is the reason why he quit Magnum, PI in 1987.

The immense fame the series brought him wasn’t something the actor appreciated. While he enjoyed his work, he wasn’t always content with the level of attention his profession brought him. He once said, “I intellectually understood what it would mean in terms of being a public figure, but until you experience it, there’s no way to comprehend it.”

The actor revealed that he quit Magnum, PI because he was exhausted by it and desired a more fulfilling life. After leaving the show in 1987, he married his second wife, Jillie Joan Mack. He described his second wife as someone who could brighten a room with her “zest for life” and “bubbly personality.”

Mack was a former dancer and actress from England. A year after their wedding, the couple purchased a ranch in Ventura, California. The ranch reportedly has over 1,500 native trees.

Since Selleck has been filming his show Blue Bloods in New York for the past decade, his wife Mack naturally takes control of the ranch in his absence. While she gave up her career, one of the couple’s friends pointed out that she was incredibly happy nonetheless since her animals, which were always around her on the ranch, brought her the most joy.


Both Selleck and Mack adore the ranch. Before buying the ranch, Selleck decided he needed to restore his spirit and regain some anonymity in his life. The actor barely undertook any projects throughout that year, and people worried about his career. However, he explained that it was simply because he wasn’t interested in the projects being offered and nothing more.

While headlines claimed his career was nearly over, the actor took advantage of the peace and quiet to recharge. He said, “I quit Magnum to start a family. It took a long time to slow down, but I strive for balance, and this ranch has helped me achieve that.”

Selleck has been married to Mack for over 30 years, and they welcomed their only child, a daughter named Hannah, in 1988. They decided that the ranch would also be a wonderful place for their daughter to grow up.

The actor prioritized his marriage to nurture his personal life. He shared how he desired some time away from Hollywood to focus on his home and also confirmed how this benefitted his marriage.

While living a slower-paced life on the ranch has improved his personal life, maintaining it is challenging for the couple. Selleck handles everything himself on the property, from fixing roads to clearing brush.

The California drought destroyed his avocado plants. While in 2007, the actor shared that selling avocados had proven to be very successful for him, just a few years later he shared that making a living from his avocados was becoming difficult.

Things took a turn for the worse when Selleck and his wife were accused of stealing ‘truckloads of water’ from a hydrant serving a construction site near their home.

According to the Calleguas Municipal Water District, Selleck allegedly stole truckloads of water. It was alleged that he used a large water truck to make multiple trips to the hydrant and transport the water back to his property. There were about 12 reported trips in about two years. It was unknown whether other trips were made undetected, and thus, the exact amount of water stolen was unknown.

In late 2013, the authorities issued the actor two warnings to stop taking water, but he allegedly continued to do so.

The court ordered the actor to pay $21,000 for the investigation and an unspecified amount for damages. He is also prohibited from using water from the Calleguas Municipal Water District for personal use.

Despite this incident, the actor seems to enjoy his California ranch life. We’re glad he has a place to relax and be himself.

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