Dad shaves daughter’s head after bullying a classmate with cancer

Dad Shaves Daughter's Head for Bullying - But Did He Go Too Far? Many think this is harsh.

A dad sparked outrage online after shaving his daughter’s head as punishment for bullying a classmate with cancer.

The internet is a battleground of parental critiques, and this story is no exception. The dad, who goes by “MasterOfGamepipoca” on Reddit, shared his controversial punishment in the “Am I The A**hole?” (AITA) forum.

According to MasterOfGamepipoca, his 16-year-old daughter bullied another girl who lost her hair due to cancer treatment. He emphasized his lack of agreement with his ex-wife (the girl’s mom) regarding the punishment, hinting at potential communication issues.

While experts recommend consistent discipline for children after a divorce, this dad opted for a solo approach.


His daughter’s actions were undeniably cruel. However, the shaving punishment raised eyebrows.

MasterOfGamepipoca defended his choice, citing his daughter’s lack of remorse and offering her two options: electronics confiscation or a haircut. The daughter chose the haircut.

The internet wasn’t buying it. Redditors overwhelmingly criticized the punishment, calling it ineffective and humiliating. Some suggested the dad reflect on his own parenting role.

One commenter offered a constructive alternative: volunteering at a children’s cancer ward. This approach could foster empathy in the daughter, leading to a more meaningful consequence.

He also told CafeMom that his daughter is dating the other girl’s ex-boyfriend, which contributed to the drama that has been going on.

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