Meet Henry: The World’s Oldest Crocodile in Captivity

Henry the Centenarian Crocodile: Fathering Thousands at Over 120 Years Old

Henry, a magnificent Nile crocodile, might just be the oldest crocodile in captivity. Estimated to be over 120 years old, he dwarfs his wild counterparts whose lifespans typically max out around 70.

This incredible reptile’s story is explored in an episode of the British TV show “Killer Crocs” featuring Steve Backshall. Nicknamed after Sir Henry, the elephant hunter who captured him in 1903, Henry is a true giant. He stretches over five meters long and weighs a whopping 700 kilograms!

Since 1985, Henry has resided at the Crocworld Conservation Center in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Here, he enjoys the company of five females and is rumored to have fathered over 10,000 offspring during his impressive tenure at Crocworld.


Dive deeper into Henry’s fascinating life with Steve Backshall on “Killer Crocs”!

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