LinkedIn Gets Swipeable: Short-Form Video Feed in the Works

The professional network is testing a TikTok-inspired feature.

Microsoft-owned professional networking platform LinkedIn is testing the waters of short-form video with a TikTok-inspired feed, according to a TechCrunch report. This move follows a trend across social media platforms, with giants like YouTube and Instagram incorporating similar features to cater to user preferences for bite-sized content.

The new feature, currently under development, will reportedly include a dedicated “Video” tab within the LinkedIn app. Users can expect to swipe through a continuous stream of vertical video clips, similar to the experience on TikTok and other platforms. The content focus, however, is likely to skew towards professional topics, offering insights, tips, and industry updates from experts and influencers.

While details about the algorithm curating the video feed and the official launch date remain under wraps, the introduction of this feature signifies LinkedIn’s commitment to evolving alongside user preferences. This could potentially open doors for a new wave of professional content creators on the platform, allowing them to connect with a wider audience and establish themselves as thought leaders.


It’ll be interesting to see how LinkedIn tailors the short-form video experience to its unique professional environment and how users react to the introduction of a more social media-like element.

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