Kia Revs Up Electric Plans: EV3 Launch This Year, 15 EVs by 2027

Kia Electrifies the Road Ahead with EV3 Launch and Ambitious Expansion Plans

Kia unveiled its future roadmap at its CEO Investor Day, highlighting an aggressive push towards electric vehicles (EVs). Here are the key takeaways:

  • EV3 Arrives in 2024: The compact EV3, previously shown as a concept, will transition to reality with a launch this year. While the exact date remains under wraps, Kia promises a production version closely resembling the concept, minus the unique rear-hinged doors.
  • Expanding EV Lineup: Following the EV3, Kia teases the arrival of even more EVs – the EV2, EV4, and EV5.
  • First Electric MPV in 2025: Next year, Kia will introduce its first-ever electric multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) – the PV5.
  • Ambitious EV Goals: By 2027, Kia aims to boast a robust lineup of no fewer than 15 electric cars. Looking further ahead, they project selling a staggering 1.6 million EVs annually by 2030.

This aggressive strategy positions Kia as a major player in the rapidly growing electric vehicle market.
Read the press release at the link below.


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