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He was thrown out on the street with nothing because he was morbidly obese, but they forgot a detail

A chance encounter forces a disillusioned judge to confront his own biases

This is the story of Esteban, a judge who, accustomed to the worst of humanity in his courtroom, would encounter his most unsettling case not within the hallowed halls of justice, but on the unforgiving streets. There, sprawled and exposed, lay a man destitute of possessions.

It started one afternoon when Esteban left his office, it hadn’t been a good day. The night before, he had signed the divorce papers with his wife after years of marriage. She had given him no explanation. She simply informed him of her decision to separate. Esteban had not been able to concentrate on his work that day and when he left the office, he was very tired.

He got into his car and decided not to drive straight home, because loneliness at home, where his wife had always waited for him until recently, could be painful, and so he made a seemingly foolish decision, but one that would change his life forever.


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