Jump Ship: A Closer Look at the Upcoming Co-op Sci-Fi Game

Keepsake Games Unveils New Details in Latest Trailer

Swedish developer Keepsake Games has released a new trailer for their upcoming co-operative sci-fi adventure, Jump Ship. The video offers a closer look at the exciting gameplay that awaits players.

In Jump Ship, you and your crew of up to three friends will take the helm of a spaceship, working together to maintain its smooth operation and navigate the vastness of space. The journey won’t be confined to the cockpit. Players will have the opportunity to perform spacewalks, explore alien planets on foot, and engage in thrilling space combat, both within their ship and on land.


While the game is still under development, Keepsake Games anticipates an early access release later in 2024. Get hyped for the adventure by checking out the gameplay trailer below!

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