Halo Space Takes You to the Edge of Space in Luxury Balloon Capsule

Breathtaking Stratospheric Tourist Flights for €150,000

Ever dreamed of gazing down on Earth from the edge of space? Halo Space, a new player in the space tourism industry, is making that dream a reality with their swanky balloon capsule.

This innovative company has been conducting test flights with their capsule, but today they’ve finally revealed the luxurious interior designed to whisk tourists on an unforgettable stratospheric adventure.

Imagine floating 40 kilometers above Earth! Halo Space’s spacious capsule boasts a 4.5-meter diameter and 3.5-meter height, comfortably accommodating eight passengers and a pilot. Each seat features a massive 2.5-square-meter observation window, offering breathtaking panoramic views of our planet’s curvature and the vastness of space.


To enhance the experience, Halo Space has incorporated cutting-edge augmented reality features. These interactive displays will show the balloon’s location, highlight interesting landmarks below, and provide other fascinating insights during the flight.

Mark your calendars for 2026! That’s when Halo Space plans to launch its commercial balloon rides. The journey will last approximately six hours and comes with a hefty price tag of 150,000 euros.

Competition is heating up in the space tourism market! Halo Space isn’t the only company offering stratospheric balloon flights. Their competitor, Space Perspective, has plans to begin operations as early as next year with tickets priced at 125,000 dollars.

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