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Facing the End: “Goodbye Earth” Trailer Shows Humanity’s Last Days on Netflix

A teacher fights for his students as an asteroid hurtles towards Earth in this emotional sci-fi drama.

Story Highlights
  • Genre: Korean Sci-Fi Thriller
  • Streaming Service: Debuts on Netflix
  • Synopsis: The trailer for "End Times" has landed! This gripping Korean drama dives into a near-future where a monstrous asteroid hurtles towards Earth, threatening to obliterate the Korean peninsula. We follow a dedicated teacher who fights to protect his students as the world descends into chaos in the face of impending doom. The clock ticks down as "End Times" premieres on Netflix on April 26th.

Get ready for the end. Netflix just dropped the trailer for Goodbye Earth, a sci-fi thriller set in the final days before a giant rock wipes out South Korea.

The story follows a dedicated teacher racing against time to keep his students safe from the oncoming doom. As the clock ticks down and the world descends into chaos, will he succeed?

Find out when Goodbye Earth explodes onto Netflix on April 26th.


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