Bella, My Golden Retriever Mix: A First-Time Dog Mom’s Unexpected Journey of Love and Learning

From Puppy Puddles to Unconditional Love, How Bella Taught Me More Than I Ever Imagined

I never knew what I was missing until Bella, my Golden Retriever mix, came into my life at 9 years old. My best friend convinced me to take her home, and I’m so glad she did. At 50 years old, I finally discovered the joy of having a dog.

Bella is incredibly smart – smarter than most of the men I’ve dated! She’s patient, understanding, and seems to read my mind. I swear she knows what kind of day I’ve had the moment I walk in the door.

When Bella had a litter of puppies, I saw her amazing motherly instincts firsthand. She surprised me by delivering all four puppies right next to me in my bed! She was a natural mom, cleaning up after her pups and teaching them everything they needed to know.


One day, I noticed something remarkable. Bella had been using my mop rag to clean up after the puppies! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw her jump over the puppy barricade, grab the rag, and wipe up a pee accident. It turns out she had been doing this for weeks!

Saying goodbye to the puppies at 8 weeks old was bittersweet, but I knew they were going to loving homes.

Bella has taught me so much about unconditional love, loyalty, and the pure joy of having a furry companion. She’s always thrilled to see me, loves car rides, and has this adorable way of looking out the window at other dogs, as if to say, “I’m cool. I’m cruising with my mom!”

She’s not just a dog; she’s my best friend, my confidante, and the greatest teacher I’ve ever known. Thanks to Bella, I’m a better person.

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