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Tom Selleck Reveals the Truth Behind ‘Three Men and a Baby’s Ghost

Tom Selleck finally sets the record straight on the ‘ghost’ from ‘Three Men and a Baby’

Remember the heartwarming comedy Three Men and a Baby? A persistent urban legend has swirled around the film for years, suggesting a ghostly presence on set.

Fans have claimed to spot a young boy in the background of a scene. This sparked rumors of a tragic on-set death, adding a spooky twist to the beloved movie.

But Tom Selleck, the film’s star, has finally put these rumors to rest during an interview with Jimmy Fallon.


“Apparently, this is a big deal for movie sales!” Selleck joked, dispelling the notion that the story benefitted anyone involved. He clarified that the movie wasn’t filmed in a house at all, but rather on a specially built soundstage.

So, what was the mysterious figure in the background? According to Selleck, it wasn’t a ghost but a simple cardboard cutout. And who did this cutout depict? None other than Selleck’s co-star, Ted Danson!

The interview also revealed discussions of a potential sequel, titled Three Men and a Bride, inspired by the Father of the Bride franchise. While Selleck expressed enthusiasm for the idea, it seems the project hasn’t materialized.

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