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Sorry, Virgin River Fans, These 15 Shows Do Romance Drama Better

Netflix’s ‘Virgin River’ has been like that go-to cozy sweater for many, the kind of show you turn to when you need a comforting escape into romance drama, but let’s face it, the recent seasons haven’t quite hit that sweet spot like they used to.

Now, there’s this bunch of 15 underrated romance drama series that have been flying under the radar, series that pack in more heartfelt moments and genuine emotion in a single season than ‘Virgin River ‘ has managed lately.

These shows were somehow able to create just the kind of drama that keeps you glued to the screen, not because you want to see what happens next, but because you’re genuinely invested in the characters and their lives.


They’re the kind of series that remind you why you fell in love with romance dramas in the first place, bringing back that feeling of getting lost in a story so captivating, you forget to check your phone.

So, while ‘Virgin River’ might have set the bar once, these 15 series are here showing us that there’s a whole world of underrated gems waiting to be discovered, each offering a fresh take on romance that rekindles the magic in a way that’s been missing from ‘Virgin River’ for a while.

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