Yellowstone Actor Forrie J. Smith Removed from Flight After Refusing to Sit Near Masked Passenger

Actor's Account Sparks Debate on Mask Mandates and Airline Passenger Rights

Yellowstone Actor Makes Scene on Plane, Says Mask Bothers Him

Veteran actor Forrie J. Smith, known for his role on Paramount+’s hit show Yellowstone, was recently removed from a flight.

The 65-year-old took to social media on Sunday to explain his side of the story. He claimed he was escorted off the plane after refusing to sit next to a passenger wearing a face covering.


“I just got kicked off a plane in…where am I even?” Forrie began, with someone nearby reminding him he was in Houston.

“Houston, Texas, because I told them I wasn’t comfortable sitting next to someone with a mask on,” Forrie continued.

He then admitted to consuming alcohol before filming the video.

“Yes, I’ve been drinking – I’ve been stuck at the airport for three hours, so yes I’m drinking – but I’m not intoxicated,” Forrie said. “They threw me off the plane for being drunk, because people won’t speak up about this nonsense!”

He added, “I simply told them I wasn’t comfortable sitting next to someone who felt the need to wear a mask, and I’m off the plane.”

Forrie didn’t reveal the airline he was flying.

After sharing the video, Forrie received mixed reactions online.


“Grow up! You’re scared of a mask? Get over yourself,” one person commented, while another offered support, saying, “Complete rubbish! Stand strong!”

In other Yellowstone news, the show is undergoing some major cast changes for season five.

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