Tom Selleck: A Texting Relic? Actor Reveals He’s Never Sent a Text or Email

Blue Bloods star prefers face-to-face communication or relies on his wife to handle digital messages.

Hollywood legend avoids digital world

The 79-year-old actor has “peeked online” occasionally to look himself up while working on his autobiography, “You Never Know,” but he mostly avoids the digital age and relies on his assistant or his wife Jillie to handle his messages.

Quote with a twist


According to People magazine, he said: “Once in a while I’ve done a web search for my name. It all started because of the book, but I’ve never typed out an email myself. I had an assistant for that. I’ve never fired off a text message to anyone.”

The star of “Three Men and a Baby” admitted it’s a perk that his wife happily responds to texts for him.

He said: “I benefit from a certain privilege in this area, one I probably wouldn’t be able to do without. But hey, who knows? Putting things into words is difficult for me, which is kind of strange for someone promoting a book.”

Leisure activities

When not on set filming, Tom – who has two grown children, Kevin with his ex-wife Jacqueline Ray and Hannah with Jillie – explained that he doesn’t really watch television and spends his free time either reviewing his scripts for “Blue Bloods” or enjoying the scenery on his 63-acre ranch in California.

Nature enthusiast

Here’s what he said about his wildflowers: “I’ve been planting them for years and they blossom in waves. There’s one that blooms when it’s coldest, and then another one takes over. I know it might sound silly, but I just love watching them grow.”


Simple pleasures

And when asked how he unwinds during quiet moments, Tom said: “A cigar and a glass of whiskey is a great way to cap off the day. I’ve had a very good life, a very fortunate life. It may not be exactly what I thought I’d be doing, but I’m incredibly grateful for it all.”

Ranch setbacks

However, the veteran actor shared how he was heartbroken when droughts destroyed most of the avocado trees and wiped out about 25 100-year-old oak trees on the ranch.

He said: “That’s truly devastating. But thanks to the recent rain, the unhealthy ones are recovering, and there’s a lot of healthy new growth on all of them.”

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