Susan Boyle still lives in her childhood home – now, after renovations, she invites us for a glimpse inside!

A Look Inside the Singer's Updated Scottish Abode

Susan Boyle won the hearts of music fans worldwide on Britain’s Got Talent over a decade ago. Her shy audition where she impressed everyone with her singing went viral.

Despite finding fame and wealth, Susan’s life hasn’t been perfect. There has been much talk about her love life.

A Look Back at a Remarkable Life

In 2008, Susan was an unemployed charity worker living alone with her cat. She auditioned on Britain’s Got Talent and became an instant star.


Her audition became famous worldwide and continues to inspire people today.

“I used to be on the outside looking in,” Susan said after her big break. “Now I’m part of the world, and even though it’s scary, I’m going to embrace it.”

She made a lot of money in her first year as a celebrity.

Her success continued, and she became very famous.

Even though she became a wealthy international star, Susan has always been humble and down-to-earth.

Still Living in Her Childhood Home

Unlike many celebrities, Susan hasn’t shown off her wealth. She still lives in the house where she grew up in Blackburn, Scotland.

She bought the modest house in 2010.


“It’s important to stay grounded,” she told a magazine. “It keeps you humble and stops you from saying things you shouldn’t.”

A Tour of Her Home

Susan recently gave a tour of her updated house, which she has lived in for 60 years. The first thing you see is her beautiful new piano room.

She joked that she just started taking piano lessons.

The kitchen used to be small and crowded, but the renovation gave her much more space. There’s even a picture of Susan meeting the Pope.

The living room is bright and cozy and has many pictures of her family.

The house has many awards and decorations from her career, along with animal figurines that show her kind personality.

Upstairs, Susan showed the room she used to share with her sisters. She remembers the record player they used to have and how much she liked The Osmonds.

Her father died in the 1990s, and her siblings had already moved out. Susan stayed home to care for her mother until her death in 2007. The house holds many special memories for Susan.

“Some people are surprised I want to stay in my family home,” Susan said. “Why wouldn’t I? I feel like my mom is still here, and there are so many good memories. I’ve lived here most of my life, and I won’t move now because it’s part of my story.”

Susan has always been open about her desire to find a partner. That person would of course move in with her, because Susan has no plans to leave.

While Susan waits for her perfect partner, there’s something else she longs for. She has always wanted to be a mother.

“I haven’t had any children of my own, and that’s my biggest regret,” she said. “But I love kids.”

At 60 years old, she may not have much time to have biological children. Susan has thought about adoption or becoming a foster parent to provide a loving home for children in need.

“I have a nice house,” she said. “Why not share it?”

Susan’s house is a reminder that despite her fame, she’s still a regular person who chooses to live a quiet life in the familiar house where she grew up.

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