Tom Selleck Still a Handsome Man at 78, Says Bridget Moynahan Who Grew Up Watching Magnum P.I.

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Actress Bridget Moynahan, star of the CBS drama “Blue Bloods,” recently appeared on Access Live to promote her new book, “Our Shoes, Ourselves.” The book features stories from 40 accomplished women about their most meaningful shoes.

Moynahan discussed a pair of motorcycle boots that helped her cope with intense media scrutiny following her breakup with football star Tom Brady, though she didn’t mention him by name.

“The boots are from a time in my life when there was a lot of attention on my personal life,” she said. “I needed to take a bit of my life back, and those boots helped me do that.”


Moynahan revealed a personal story from the book, hinting at a time in her life when she faced intense media scrutiny. She described a pair of motorcycle boots that empowered her to deal with the situation and take back control of her life. While not mentioning Tom Brady by name, it’s implied the boots helped her navigate the aftermath of their breakup.

The interview also touched on her co-star Tom Selleck.

“He’s still a stud,” Moynahan said, laughing when the hosts brought up his iconic mustache.

The hosts playfully acknowledged Selleck’s status as an 80s sex symbol, with Moynahan confirming his enduring handsomeness. She also highlighted his impressive 32-year marriage to Jillie Mack, a welcome contrast to the usual Hollywood headlines.

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She also shared anecdotes about other women featured in the book, including Barbara Bush’s love of Keds and Katie Couric’s first splurge on designer shoes after achieving success.

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The overall tone of the interview was positive, showcasing Moynahan’s kindness and the thoughtful concept behind her book. It left viewers wanting to learn more about the book and, perhaps, buy a new pair of shoes.

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